Don Melton of Safari browser fame tells a funny story of how he punked the tech community what was the engine behind Apple's new browser.   It was in fact the code from KDE's Konqueror. 

"It was KHTML. Specifically KHTML and KJS— the code inside KDE’s KonquerorWeb browser on Linux. After the keynote was over, I sent this emailto the KDE team to thank them and introduce ourselves. I did it right from where I was sitting too, once they turned the WiFi back on."


then the big reveal~ 

"Everyone was clapping that Apple embraced open source. Happy, happy, happy. And they were just certain what was coming next. Then Steve moved a new slide onto the screen. With only one word, “KHTML” — six-foot-high white letters on a blue background..."


What you also can’t hear on the video is someone about 15 to 20 rows behind where we were sitting — obviously expecting the word “Gecko” up there — shout at what seemed like the top of his lungs:



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